Toys Organizer

Here are some before wrapping snaps

This is a Toy Organizer made with diaper boxes.

Materials Required:

  1. Gift Wrap
  2. Cardboard Boxes -5 (Recycled)
  3. Glue
  4. Scissors
  5. Tape
  6. Scrap papers (Recycled)
  7. Mode Podge (Not Mandatory)


  • Gather all the materials.
  • Decide the positions of the boxes to fit perfectly and by looks.
  • Cut all 4 lids of an individual box
  • Joint them Temporarily by using Tape from all sides.
  • Now keep them stick permanently by using scrap paper on edges and from back side too. scarp paper will give u smooth edges and make the joints more stronger.
  • Let it dry completely if needed give them another coat with scrap papper. To make it more stronger. Make sure you dont have any bends.
  • Once your done with your joining all boxes, now its time to wrap with decorative paper. I used 2 types of wraps, one is plain dark blue color for outside wrapping and strip one which is visible in picture. it looks decent when you use plain single color at outside.
  • Once its is dry, now give a coat with Mod Podge. It will give shiny look and seal the colors of the wrap from inside
  •  Enjoy with your Organizer. you can use this organizer for any other purpose like Book Shelf, cloth organizer (for your baby cloths) or you can come up with your own purpose.

Thank you have a nice crafting.

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