Mini Corner Shelf

pic i

pic ii

pic iii

This is Mini Corner Shelf made with single box.

Materials Required: 

  1. Gift wrap
  2. Long length cardboard box
  3. Glue
  4. Scissors
  5. Tape
  6. Small thermocol pieces of count – 4
  7. Extra pieces of cardboard
  8. Scrap papers
  9. Mod Podge.


  • This project is very simple, and no more big cuttings.
  • From pic iii, you can observe the template of the box. It should be long length which will be your length of your mini shelf.
  • First you have to choose nice lengthy box and it must contain all sides of the box are euqal width. Now open the glue areas (part 1 and 3 from pic iii) carefully.
  • Place the box in steady table. Close all of the bottom parts of 5-1,5-2, 5-3 in such an angle that all of the sides must form like shown in pic i.
  • Its a partial hexagon shape missing of 2 corners. Cut all the upper parts of 4-1, 4-2, 4-3. this will be your top part of the shelf.
  • Now take extra piece of cardboard and cut it in the shape of top view. (you can trace that shape by putting the shelf upside down on your extra cardboard and mark it.). now it contains 5 corners.
  • You need same shape of pieces count of 3. one is top rack, middle and bottom. At edges bend little bit  of 2 inches wide to make objects not to fall/roll from the racks(all the 3 pieces must be fit perfectly with side walls without falling. so take measurements accordingly.)
  • Take thermocol 4 pieces. measurements will be same length of your corners, width will be 1 inch . Two pieces for each rack. i.e for middle rack and top rack. The purpose of thermocol is to support the middle and top rack in-order to maintain the minimum weights without falling down. These will give strong support to stay the racks in place.
  • First stick all the 3 racks in their places using tape and later stick with some scrap papers to make the joints more stronger
  • Now stick thermocol pieces on each rack. Positions must be come in opposite sides. Make sure the racks are strong enough without falling.
  • Now its time to Wrap with Decorative papers r Gift wrap. Once its is dry, now give a coat with Mod Podge. It will give shiny look and seal the colors of the wrap from inside.
  • Enjoy with your mini shelf. you can use this organizer for any where and for any purpose like on bathroom, makeup organizer. I used it on entrance counter top to put easy access things. Note: it must be for less weight objects.

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