Happy 69th Independence Day

Listen to this song — bharat humko jaan se pyara hai 

Proud to be an indian… Jai hind

On my school days i celebrated both Independence day and Republic Day….

I am a scout, and do participate in parade which was held by my school. For that we do bunk some class and practice. (Ofcourse with permission 🙂 🙂 🙂 ). It was really a big function almost more than 1000 peoples from the surroundings will come to watch our 2 big days. (Independence day and Republic Day). Am very honor to participate in it. Almost i did it from my 5th to 10th.

I want to share one of my incident happened on Aug 15th . while am in my parade….we have to make one round to my ground. its when we are in front of our chief guest and saluting to out national flag. Once we passed the flag my skirt is unhooked and i immediately stop doing marching and hold my skirt… my luck i didn’t loose control of it lol 🙂 🙂 :-). I look taller so i do always stay on last line… so i didn’t disturb any one… immediately i bring back to my state as it is. I heard some laughs from the crowd. I didn’t care any thing. Because am doing a very great thing (by saying tribute to our leaders to bring a freedom and fight for us) instead of siting in the crowd.

Thank you.

Jai Hind.

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