The Rendezvous Series-1


No words to explain about this post… because Noorain made me such a happy woman today… thank you Noorain.
From my childhood i have lot of interest in crafts. But i always felt like, is my hardwork/ideas are gonna be waste and no longer useful for any one. In my mind i do always want to motivate all to recycle their things coming out from their home. finally i choose this path. And Noorani you are the first person who motivate me to get this world and encourage me. Really i wont forget this lady who always help others…. once again thank you so much my friend. Bye have a nice day ahead.

The Plate Memoirs

Hey sweethearts!! I hope things have been going fine with you guys. I really need to thank and thank each one of you for standing strong on my journey.

Today,I thought I’d do something different and actually introduce all you guys to one another. I mean,the more we can connect the better we all will eventually feel. There’s something about helping or doing something for someone else. It just scores so much more than plainly just thinking about oneself.

For some of us,blogging is our dream. For some,it’s an experiment and for others it’s a venting source. No matter why you are here or how successful your blog is,I thought we all could get to know each other more.

So I thought,I’d start this ” THE RENDEZVOUS SERIES”, which will feature 5 readers every blogpost & will tell you,what I love about them, what their blog is about and…

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