DIY Cardboard Coasters

Coasters are very useful in any home. They allow you to protect your furniture and they can also be interesting decorative elements, depending on the design you choose. You can also personalize your coasters. And since geometric shapes and quite in vogue now, am going to show you how they look on your coasters.These simple, useful coasters are made out of free materials generally.I have lots of papers on hand and the cardboard is gathered from used boxes, available just about everywhere. Good way to recycle the cardboard.

First let’s see what you’ll need for this project.
Step 1: Gather some cardboard pieces. Here are the end flaps from regular cardboard boxes.
Cut pieces out. Make them the size you want. Am choosing 3 sets of each to get available width.
Step 2: Gluing cut out pieces together(3 layers), weigh down, and wait a while.
Step 3: Decorate plain coasters.Starting to decorate: use your imagination in decorating your coasters. We can use Paint, corks, buttons, washers, photographs, magazine pictures, construction paper, scrapbook paper, etc. Here I used construction paper for base. I painted some geometric prints with acrylic paints and nail polish too.imageedit_33_3373587951
Step 4: sealer and finish! 2 coats of a mod podge is used to enhance and seal the coasters. This step will protect them from moisture in limited amounts. I used both sides of the coaster. One side i stick the construction paper and the other side i did geometric painting. So that i can use both sides. 🙂
Step 5: Final Product – coasters are completed and ready to use.

16 thoughts on “DIY Cardboard Coasters

  1. Hi, thanks for your complement 🙂
    Hmm… actually i am just practicing now a days.. so just painting on Watercolor papers. When i do it on canvas… then it will be good to sell and i too will get satisfaction… Anyway am trying to sell in local classifieds. But no use.. 🙂 .. Will see. Hope it will take time… I am loving to do painting now a days.. Even my kid is also inspiring.. :-):-)… Have a nice day ahead yar.. 🙂 TC

    The arts, quite simply, nourish the soul. They sustain, comfort, inspire. There is nothing like that exquisite moment when you first discover the beauty of connecting with others in celebration of larger ideals and shared wisdom.


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