Halloween Nail Art :)

I love doing nail arts all by myself. I tried with Pumpkin Head, Ghost, Candy Corn, Spider web etc. These fun nail art ideas just might show up your costume. there you go! What are you gonna do to your nails this Halloween? Are you dressing up?!

How to remove labels from glass jars and plastic bottles

How to Remove a Sticker from Plastic bottles: Getting stickers off of plastic seems like it should be much easier than it is. But getting glue to stick to plastic is hard to do, leading most manufacturers to use high-strength adhesives to keep labels on. Whether you can’t remove a sticker or want to clean … More How to remove labels from glass jars and plastic bottles


Rangoli – V

ALL ABOUT RANGOLI Rangoli is a traditional Indian art of decorating he entrance to a house.  Rangoli is a timeless tradition that is followed all over India. Rangoli is also known as alpana, aripoma, or kolam. It is an ancient art, practiced by almost all households. In many cases, designs are passed down through generations with some of them being hundreds … More Rangoli – V

Rangoli – IV

This delightful rangoli made at my In-laws home on Diwali. Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless. – Mother Theresa 🙂 🙂

Painting III

Hi Everyone, This time i came up with new painting 🙂 🙂 🙂   I did the abstract with cotton pad and the main branch of the tree with Blow Paining. i.e blowing paint across the paper using straws! It doesn’t get any easier and simpler than blow painting — painting using a drinking straw! This one’s … More Painting III

Rangoli – III

This delightful rangoli made at my In-laws home by my sister-in-law. I see life as increasingly complex, vivid, colorful, crazy, chaotic. That’s the world I write about… the world I live in. 🙂 🙂

DIY Rakhi Thali

Another creation from my sister-in-laws. 🙂 Materials Used: Bead Chain, Plastic embroidery mirrors, Paper plate, Stone chain, Rhinestones etc. I would love your thoughts on this DIY.  Let me know your opinion in the comments. Thank you. Your Usha. 🙂