The Unappreciated Art

Happy dussehra to all 🙂

Classic Sooch

It’s Durga Pooja, day eight, here in Bengal (and other places where they worship the Goddess, but mostly Bengal) and I managed to grab a few photos. No reason.

I’m not gonna do my usual ranty bit today, because Holy Moly, this ish is insane. I’m talking about the pandals. That actually were – for the lack of a better word – amazing.


So my hometown is tiny. I was born in Kolkata and I love the city, but come this time of the year, and I have to go home. I mostly just sleep and stuff myself, to be honest, because like I said earlier, I hate crowded places. But Dad and I always make it a point to go see all the pandals at like, six in the morning. Totally avoiding a lot of people and most importantly, the heat.

So this was the first one that…

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