How to grow mint from Cuttings

I have been very much interested in expanding my indoor gardening skills. Propagation is when you take the cuttings from one plant and create a brand new plant with regenerated roots from the cutting.I decided to try it out with what is deemed one of the easiest plants to propagate — Mint, Green Onions, and Money Plant. I succeed with Green onions and Money Plant. You can check them from my old posts those are provided here:Green Onions and Money Plant.

Growing cuttings in water is a simple and reliable technique to propagate mint, which often roots rapidly — often as quickly as one week. Mint plants give the best flavor and fragrance from new growth and are renowned for their vigor. I recommend people to start with plants such as mint that are very easy to grow.

There are many different varieties of mint including chocolate mint, orange mint, spearmint, grapefruit mint, mojito mint and lemon balm.

different varieties of mints: chocolate mint, orange mint, spearmint, grapefruit mint, mojito mint and lemon balm.

Fresh Ways to Use Mint:

  • Room Refresher:It’s a wonderful refresh spray for your home as well.
  • Bug Off:mint also deters “bad bugs.” Repel ants and flies
  • Beverage Booster:Mint has natural cooling properties.
  • Breath Saver: It helps to keep breath fresh.
  • Tummy Tamer: This wonder herb can help ease a tummy ache… even keep you slim.
  • Hiccup Help: help soothe the diaphragm irritation that can cause hiccups.
  • Steam Clean:A peppermint steam can help clear sinuses and congestion and fight infection.
  • Sunburn Soother:Menthol cools and refreshes the skin, making mint a handy herb to keep around in the summer.

Steps on how to grow mint from cuttings with 100% success rate:

  • Collect Mint cuttings, Take the stem tip cuttings by making a cut at 3-4 inches from the top. Make sure the cut is right below a node.
  • Do not remove all the leaves. Leave them in the cutting, if the bottom most leaf in hindering them you can just remove them off.


  • Put the stems in a glass bottle. You can also use a jar or other container.


  • Fill the bottle with water to just below the lowest set of leaves, with the upper one-third of each stem extending above the rim of the bottle. Ensure that no leaves are underwater, as allowing leaves to remain underwater may cause the stems to rot.
  • Place the bottle in bright light, but away from intense, direct light. Change the water every other day. The cuttings should root in just about a week.


  • Once rooted, Transplant the mint to individual, 3- to 4-inch containers filled with commercial potting mixture when the roots are 1/4 to 1/2 inch long. Put the pots in a warm, sunny window.


  • Pinch about 1/2 inch from the stem tips. Pinching causes the plant to branch out, creating full, bushy plants.
  • Expose the plants to sun gradually. First start with an hour and then increasing by an hour every day to harden them.

Watered Window.jpg

  • If necessary, move the plant to a larger pot. Always use a pot with a drainage hole. I didn’t provide actual photos of my mint propagation, Because on its propagation process i forgot to take a snaps.

regrowing mint from cuttings

Do you grow mint? What varieties? And do you have other ways you use mint around your coop, farm or home? I would love to hear them.
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  • Mint, a fast-growing plant that spreads by underground roots, can soon outgrow its boundaries and become weedy. Growing mint in containers on a deck or patio avoids this problem and the herb is handy for cutting as needed. Avoid burying pots in the ground, as the roots soon grow through the pot’s drainage hole.
  • Check leaves regularly for fungus mint rust, which appears as rusty spots on the underside of leaves. Destroy plants if you find it.

23 thoughts on “How to grow mint from Cuttings

    1. All your comments inspires me a lot. Thank you so much. 😊

      All my indoor plants mostly grown in water and propagate without sunlight….. So whole year you can plan when ever you want…..

      As a part of my grocery shopping i do buy vegetables… From the leftovers i am trying to grow them….

      Nowadays i tired and succeed with thotakura/amaranth and mint. As you already seen mint…. In my upcoming post i will come up with amaranth too. Right now am staying at GA. I hope you are staying around NYC/NJ is it?

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