The Dowager’s Box, all sewn up

Awesome Dowager’s Box ever 🙂


So, it’s finished.

Box closedBox openLid detailBox filledEach time I make this box, I learn something.

This time, I used harder, denser card, which makes the box more rigid, but also much, much harder to cut correctly, and a bit harder to manipulate when bringing all the shapes together. The instructions tell you to label each piece of card, and I agree this is absolutely necessary, especially the top and base, and indicating which way is up on the inner side panels.

Experience does make the glueing process less sticky, and that aspect was a lot tidier than on my first attempt! The inside pockets were a lot easier the second time round too, now that I’ve equipped myself with a load of quilt binding clips to hold everything in place while the glue dries.

I’ve also found I prefer thin cotton quilt batting rather than high loft polyester for the padding; to my eyes…

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14 thoughts on “The Dowager’s Box, all sewn up

  1. This looks really lovely, and I’m glad things went a lot more smoothly for you second time round. I can imagine how difficult it must be to cut and manipulate such thick card. The quilting is beautiful. 🙂

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