Beach Scenery Painting

Hi Friends….after a long time… I did lot of paintings and crafts. But I was not able to update here because of my busy schedule.
May 27th My Wedding Anniversary.  (Went to Miami for a week)
June 11th My son birthday. (Celebrated with family and friends threw a big party)
June 18th First Anniversary with WordPress. (I missed it)

And when coming to my painting… it was my dream to paint beach, sand, especially clouds..OMG.  I was very crazy about it. My dream came true with this one.  Actually I started learning painting to achieve this stage… Yes I reached it and I nailed it…
I gifted this to one of my neighbor friend and she felt so happy with my gift and she liked a lot.

Hope you like it too and don’t forget to give me your feedback.


“You have the potential to make beautiful things. Yes, you.”

Here i tried to bring 2D effect to the star fish… 12


14 thoughts on “Beach Scenery Painting

  1. First of All, Please accept Our/My (Belated) Congratulations and Best Wishes on Your Wedding Anniversary, and Your Son’s Birthday, my Dear Usha! And, Happy You are with Us in WordPress, too!

    As always, this scene is Very Good. Imaginative, Yet Representing Reality! Kudos, Love and Regards, my Dear! 🙂

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  2. Well, Usha, what a lovely painting. Great detail on that starfish included. What an artist you are. Thanks for sharing your wonderful world with us, Usha.

    Liked by 1 person

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