Traveling Sketchbook

sisterhood of the travelling sketchbook
About Sketchbook: We’re a small group of artists and craftspeople, brought together by botanical artist Anne Lawson. We’re each contributing a sample of our work to a hand bound Travelling Sketchbook that will journey around the globe.

“There was enthusiastic interest from around the world, and here is the list of the Sisterhood, in the order the Sketchbook will travel the globe:

Then it is flying on from Australia to the States where it will visit

Then off it goes to Europe

Here is the collection of arts, so far contributed by all of us ….



“Because there’s one thing stronger than magic: sisterhood.”


10 thoughts on “Traveling Sketchbook

  1. I’m excited to see it but also a little apprehensive that it’s heading my way as I haven’t really decided what to contribute yet.
    I am actually in France, not Greece, but you were going in the right direction 😉

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