Healthy breakfast 👍

All about Bean Sprouts

Bean sprouting refers to the process of soaking beans in water, allowing them to set at room temperature and rinsing them once or twice a day until sprouts form. The number of days required before the sprouts can be eaten depends on type of bean, temperature and humidity, although most beans sprout in two or three days. Advocates of sprouting claim that bean sprouts contain higher concentrations of vitamins and minerals than the beans they come from. Eating some raw bean sprouts may pose health risks, but most can be eaten without worry.


Children, the elderly and people with impaired immune system function are at the greatest risk of infection from consuming raw bean sprouts. If you choose to consume raw sprouts, consume quickly or refrigerate them at a temperature below 40 degrees Fahrenheit and discard them as soon as they lose their crispness, after about two or three days, to minimize the risk of bacterial infection.

With chick peas/brown beans…

With mixed beans:

I kept few Sprouts in water for potting, getting ready for summer 😉😊

Weekly twice/ thrice eating raw beans sprouts as my breakfast…quick and healthy breakfast ☺️😊😋. I feel lightly and cool… If you expects taste you wont get healthy..we can add these in salads also..😋

We can eat daily as a part of our breakfast….once in a while i prepare curry with those sprouts along with tomatoes..😋😋

21 thoughts on “Healthy breakfast 👍

    1. Nice…ya that s one of best option for evening snacks, but we do prefer to eat on empty stomach as a part of breakfast…without adding anything… As per my investigation…its good to eat before breakfast ….thank you so much for letting me know your experience 😊☺️💐
      How ever we eat, its healthy 😊☺️💐💝🌹

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