Mehendi III

This mehendi i kept it on pongal …but took long time to post 😊

Hope you like this 😊 you can check my previous mehendis from these links: Mehendi IIMehendi I

Few things you need to know to have a better Henna experience.

1. There is a plant called Henna (Lawsonia inermis- scientific name) . Use real henna paste that is made by using dried and crushed leaves / grind paste of green leaves of the henna plant (fresh henna). Readmade cones available usually have chemicals, dyes and preservatives to make them last longer. These might be harmful to the skin.

2. Fresh henna paste is perfectly safe and even beneficial to skin and hair.

3. Organic henna paste is greenish-black. It darkens as it dries and flakes off to reveal a bright orange hue.

4. Try to keep it unwashed overnight for best contrast.

5. The amount of body heat you have directly affects the intensity of your henna. More body heat = darker color.

6. Henna is used on special and happy occasions in south asia like weddings and baby showers.

7. Although henna comes with lots of tradition attached, minimalist and modern designs can look stunning too.

 You can even tattoo your favourite quotes r motifs r something more suited to your skill level. And you can do it anywhere you want. Because it’s always gorgeous. 😊☺️


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