Ugadhi specials

Ugadi, a new year celebration in some states of india. Ugadi/Yugadi: Yug(new) and adi (the beginning). the festival is celebrated with high spirits, new clothes and abundance of some mouth-watering traditional cuisines. It is also the first day when there is a change in pattern of moon’s orbit (chaitra masam). Ugadi is celebrated a day after the first new moon and after the sun passes the celestial equator on the spring equinox. 

We do prepare a special dish called ‘UGADI PACHADI’ and bobbatlu/polelu. You can see my Ugadi pachadi and polelu from the below picture 😊

Did some garlands also with crepe paper rolls, have a look 😊

Things i used

I stitched along with 3 layer

After separating all the layers and decorated with pearls and tiny bells 😊💎

Tadaaaa…..first garland s ready!☺️😊💃 ( 3 layer )

I decorated at my devotional corner, it gives a very elegant look.

2nd Garland: single layer

Decorated at my entrance 😊

Hope you like my post 😊☺️

Dont forget to leave your comment ☺️

Thanks in advance 😊☺️💐🌹💖🤗


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