Beautiful Bouquet 💐

Planning to go to india!😊☺️

Going to meet my parents, inlaws, relatives and friends….☺️😊😊😇 So planned to gift them my paintings 😊

Today i came up with painting “Beautiful Bouquet 💐” . I did this for my one only SISTER ☺️🤗

For some reason am not feeling good with these flowers…espicially pink and yellow ( looking like childish art). I tried to paint the tie a ribbon to this bouquet. But it went wrong ( forgot to take a picture at this stage ). So decided to remove and repaint those flowers again. Added another bunch of colorful flowers and roses, leaves. 💐🌹🌱🌿☺️ Now i felt good with my bouquet. Hope My sister will love this and so do you ☺️  Don’t forget to leave your comment!💝☺️💐🌹👍


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