Egg-cellent Chicks and Bunnies

Happy Easter

Oh yes, they did!

The Easter crafting continues and today’s craft is eggs painted and decorated to look like chicks and bunnies. It’s a simple craft, great for children or adults, and something you can have fun customizing.

We love eggs in our house – breakfast, lunch, dinner, even just as a snack. With Easter (and eggs) on the brain, there was no question that I wanted to make an egg craft.

When I originally started looking for an egg craft I was considering painting real eggs but wanted something a little more permanent. Since we would quickly eat the eggs if they were real, I started to explore other options.

I read about how to blow out eggs but the process seemed more laborious than what I was seeking – perhaps something to try next year. Thankfully, my hubby found some fake eggs for me at the dollar store because he knew I…

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