5 Magical Solutions to Reduce Daily Stress!! 👼 

Daily hassles take a toll on mental health. So what can we do about it?

Here are five strategies to reduce our daily stress. ( those i follow and believe mostly)

  1. Resist turning the TV or checking email first thing in the morning and before bed.  Read the Skimm for a great overview of the news instead of watching it on TV or reading it in the newspaper.
  2. Meditate: just five minutes a day helps.
  3. Designate a place where keys and cellphones live.
  4. Spend time in nature or at least outdoors
  5. Give yourself 15 minutes of grace time to arrive at your destination.

Plums and Plush

Hey guys!! Here are 5 magical (alcohol 🍻 and cigarette 🚬 free) solutions to deal with daily stress. Hope this helps!! 😄💞

Nutella🍯: This comes directly from an usual overstressed, overemotional, over…, over…, teen. Here, comes the secret recipe for dealing with mood swings and all other puberty related problems. I’m definitely not a brand ambassador of this product, but would love to ship this as much as I can!! 💜 In fact, I think 90% of the teens whom I know would love to.

Tagline: “My blood group is nutella type, what’s yours??” 😉😁

Story Books📚📓: Getting into someone else’s shoes and living their life, especially of someone whose life apparently seems to be in a better state than yours seems like an idea too good to be true. Well, the best way to do this is slipping under your…

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