My Garden – Roses 🌹 and Hibiscus 🌺 

I love to do garden work every day by cutting dried stems/flowers 🍂🥀 etc. its my favorite place ☺️.

Every day when i woke up in the morning, directly i go their and enjoy them by watching new blossoms 🌷🌼🌹🌻🌸. It gives lot of fresh happy smile in my face. 😊☺️. Those are like my babies. 👶👧👩‍👧‍👦😇😊☺️ not only in the morning, when ever i want to boost up/ refresh my mind and to fill new energy ✌️💪☝️👌

Hope these pretty flowers refreshed your mind too! 👍😊💐

35 thoughts on “My Garden – Roses 🌹 and Hibiscus 🌺 

    1. Yup, in fact i got that plant for $4 in clearance with very tiny pot. Which is in very weak condition, I shifted that into big pot. So came to life again. Within 15 days i got those buds/ blossoms. Felt very happy 😊. Wanna share with you all 😊 thanks for your time 💐☺️

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