Vaccinate your child


Yes, I believe in vaccinations.

I want to keep my child’s immune system capable and keep other children safe.

Now, that a lot of parents are choosing to not vaccinate their children…the rates of vaccine-preventable illnesses such as measles and mumps have been on the rise. In most cases it has been the non-vaccinated children.

A must read below

There is absolutely no scientific evidence to conclude vaccinations are unsafe, just that not getting vaccinated can cause significant harm to self and others.

I am just curious and would like some insight as to why parents choose to not vaccinate?

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9 thoughts on “Vaccinate your child

  1. Not vaccinating children is becoming an issue here in Australia too, with many spurious arguments about why vaccinations are a problem. As the article says, they are safe, and there are more health risks to a child by not vaccinating.

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  2. It’s happening here in Ireland, as well. People with more money than sense. My dad is late 70’s, he remembers polio in America. Since he does, I do too!
    Heck, I only just learned there is now a vaccination for chicken pox. I am COVERED in chicken pox scars, and a huge risk for getting shingles (CP recurrence in adults). I’m so happy that kids can avoid the scars and misery of CP, and that is such a mild disease in comparison.

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