Cucumber Water

Friendly Food For Self Sustainability

I have always drank a lot of water. I try and get my 8 cups a day in every day. I find I get a headache if I don’t drink a lot and I feel hungrier through out the day.

I picked up some cucumber at the farmers market this week and thought I would give this “cucumber water” a shot. I like water…..I like cucumber, so how bad could it be!

It wasn’t bad…… was GREAT! Fresh, cold and tasty! I have almost doubled my water consumption in the past few days just by adding some cucumber to my water bottle!

And if drinking even more water didn’t make me feel good enough, I googled the benefits and felt even better!!

  • It keeps you hydrated. Your body can’t function properly without water.
  • It helps with weight loss.
  • It delivers antioxidants.
  • It may help prevent cancer.
  • It lowers your blood…

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26 thoughts on “Cucumber Water

  1. When I first saw this post, I thought you were making pickles. But it seems like you just put the cucumbers in water.
    I have one problem about water. I only could drink 2 cups of water, or even a couple of sips per day! I tried to do some research about this but I can’t seem to find the reason. But if I drink 3 full glasses of water; I can’t even eat! Also, when I sit close to someone (like my mom) he/she says I have a fever because my body is so hot and I sometimes have rapid sweating! I checked my body temp. and it seemed ok!
    But anyway, drinking water is good for your body.

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    1. If u drink more water, more healthy. So try to drink lot s and lots of water. 80% of our body build with liquid s only. If u dont like to drink water, add flavors to it. Lemon, strawberrys etc. try to improve no of glasses day by day atleast by week. Make this as a goal, differently you will reach. All because of you only right! Best wishes and stay healthy. 😊

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      1. I thought it was 70% of our body build with liquids only, 23% of carbon, and 7% of others. I tried to drink a lot of water, if I do that I can’t eat.

        Good idea about adding flavors to the water. I usually drink limeade (similar to lemonade) but that still didn’t work. I love this orange juice called Minute Maid (in case if you don’t know what that is, search it in google) I could drink 8 cups of that per day because it is so delicious. But I can’t drink it because my mom thinks it’s sugar, water, and food coloring. That means she won’t buy it for me.

        So still stuck in the same place. And I’m still having the same problem. Until now I’m researching what’s going on to me. I can’t seem to find the answer because there are so many possibilities. My dad thinks that I’m fine, so I never saw the doctor.

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        1. Ya, artificial drinks are not good for health, mineral water cant replace with anything .
          In young age nothing will effect, everything comes out those side effects in long run( in 30’s)
          So care more before that
          Stay healthy and happy 😊

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  2. Hi
    Love your post
    I too love cucumber water
    Try adding lemon to it
    Its tasty and health
    But it may make you thirstier because of the acid it contains
    But it’s good and has lots of benefits

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  3. I’ve never heard of using cucumber to flavour water, but I can imagine it makes a very refreshing drink, especially when chilled. I drink a lot of water and this would be nice to try.

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  4. I like this idea, I used to do the same thing. I bring my water bottle to the office and put some lemon slices and some cucumber slices. I think they make the water taste better even when no longer cold. 🙂

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