DIY Rolling Paper Project – II : Fruit Basket

Hi Everyone, I am back with one more Rolling project. This is a great recycled project. It is pretty and functional. I really like the color choices as well.

We planned to trip to my country for 3 weeks. I will be busy till 3rd week of January. You may not see lot of activities during this time, but will update my trip experience once am back.

Thank you each one and all who are giving your support and following me. With your wonderful comments and likes make my day so happy  and wonderful. And motivates to come up with new ideas… Thanks each one and all…. 😊💐👍…!

Here you can see the step by step process of making this project in pictorial view. 😊

  • I prepared the paper rolls. (You can see, How to do paper rolls from this link : Rolling Project – I )
  • Aligned together and glued it.
  • I used the tape to support it until glue dries.
  • Prepared two bases and stick together like, to get all the corners outwards. (Got 8 corners).
  • Once dried eventually… keep on adding the two sets of paper rolls on each side.
  • And every time use glue to stick on each and every join of the paper rolls.
  • Keep on add until you get your desired height.
  • Once done…. glue all sides, each and every corner.
  • Finally I touch up with Mod Podge, to give shiny and protect the paper from dust and wet.
  • That’s it. Tada….😊  Fruit basket is ready. 😊💐👍…!

I come up with to live an Eco-friendly yet pretty and festive lifestyle.

It is such a pleasure to share the amazing ideas that you, the readers of “CreativeCrafts” send in along with what I find in my never-ending quest to feed my insatiable desire for unique and innovative designs made with the unconventional.

The choices I make to re-purpose our traditionally discarded items into new fun things, often with my kid, will lead them to carrying on the tradition and build memories that will be cherished by all. 😊💐👍…!

Thanks for visiting. Leave your comments below. Happy holidays….. 😊 and Happy festive season 😊 Merry Christmas 😊💐👍…!

Ushasree 😊

Thanks for stopping by 😊

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